Our Team

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Humberto Dutra (Beto)

MSC PhD, Landscape Design Instructor at Emory

Humberto Dutra, or Beto as everyone calls me. My story with plants and landscaping started as a kid in Brazil. I remember collecting African violets when I was 8 about the same time I enjoyed planting zinnias around the house and telling my mom that Nasturtiums are edible flowers.

My love for plants continued and led me to get a Masters and PhD in Ecology and Plant Biology. Indeed I taught college level for 10 years. While teaching I designed my own yard, then a friend asked me to help with his, then the neighbor, then another friend and at that point something clicked and I went to get a Landscape Design certificate from Emory University and opened the business as soon as I graduated in 2015.

I love designing and seeing a plan come to life, but most importantly I love the fact that my clients treat me as a friend and are just happy to see me as I am happy to see them.

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David Young


I have been designing and creating things since I was young, starting with elaborate Lego projects, then with wood through my middle school shop class. When I got to college and had no clue what I wanted to do with myself, I tripped into the field of Landscape Architecture and it felt natural. I finished my Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Georgia and went to work for a large engineering firm, working primarily on commercial and municipal projects. This became the perfect place to hone my skills and learn the ins and outs of designing for a client.

I feel very strongly that any good design starts with an understanding of how the space is to be used and then determining how that use works within the existing landscape, then creating something that not only works functionally but also looks wonderful. After 15 years in the commercial/municipal design world, I decided to partner with Beto on the residential design / build side.

The idea of actually seeing the designs I developed come to life and being involved in the construction really resonated with me. I love thinking about how the various details come together to make the plan, then seeing them become a reality for the clients we work for.

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