First things first. This is our first article for our blog. So let me welcome you to our website dedicated to the beauty, functionality, and elegance of landscape design in Atlanta, USA.

We aim to showcase our work as well as educate our readers on how to create stunning gardens into an urban environment with breathtaking landscapes that promote sustainability, respecting Atlanta’s natural heritage. We make extensive use of native plants without being purist and certainly use our expertise to avoiding invasive species like Nandinas and Ligustrum (Chinese privet). But more importantly, we want you to be able to create memories in the backyard with your family. We want quality time playing soccer with your kids, and swimming in the pool but also appreciating the nature we put around the lawn and the shade of the tree over the deck.

Backyard with patio and seating

Atlanta is renowned for its rich history, diverse culture, and lush green spaces, making it a city that genuinely embraces nature’s beauty. Indeed, Atlanta is often Nicknames as the “city in a forest” and we love that about our town. We respect that when we create our gardens. Someone already said that gardening is about control. If we didn’t control our landscape in Atlanta, our abundant rains would turn the green spaces into forest in a matter of just a few decades. This does not mean we want to reforest your backyard. Instead, we just understand how nature behaves in our area and try to find a good balance between functionality and beauty. If gardening is indeed about control, then we design landscapes with the least amount control needed. We have been doing this for a while and we have not met a client that wants high maintenance garden. Our goal is to create low maintenance gardens that are in sync with our surroundings. We use plants uniquely suit Atlanta’s climate, soil conditions, and rainfall patterns. Our landscapes require minimal maintenance, and reduce the need for excessive watering, fertilizers, or pesticides.

Backyard stone patio next to pool 2

We love to create spaces that are functional, meaning the transition from the living room to the patio is seamless. Moving from the patio to the firepit or to pool just happens in the moment and does not require planning, it is spontaneous. We want your guests to think that the backdrop of evergreen trees giving you privacy has always been there because it blends so well with the rest.

Backyard firepit with brick porch - landscape construction priject

Amidst all that the surprise bloom in the February, the golden finches in the coneflowers, and cut flowers that you harvested to beautify the kitchen are the icing on the cake. So here we help you learn more about design and instead of no maintenance we can talk about known maintenance. We will talk about the joys and challenges of creating a functional landscape in the south. Come with us, let’s enjoy our designed landscapes together.

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