Do I Need an Irrigation System in Atlanta?

green front lawn

Do I Need an Irrigation System in Atlanta? Do I really need irrigation? That is a common question that both David and I hear when we present a budget. Our answer is always categorical. “Need” is a strong word, but there are many benefits for an irrigation system in Atlanta and there are some scenarios […]

English or French gardens in Hotlanta?

English garden

English or French gardens in Hotlanta? I have a plan to become a billionaire. I will put a dollar in my bank account for every time I heard “can I have English style garden”. I will also deposit another garden for when I am asked for French gardens, Italian cypresses, and lavender. I cannot count […]

Will Plants Recover From a Freeze?

will plants recover from a freeze

Will Plants Recover from a Freeze? Plants after the rollercoaster winter: The good, the bad, the ugly. Rollercoaster winter? Yes, that is right! This past winter had it all weather wise. December started good and typical, but then temperatures decided to turn Atlanta into Alaska for a few days. We experienced frost biting temperatures not […]


White house with red white and blue flower bed

Welcome! First things first. This is our first article for our blog. So let me welcome you to our website dedicated to the beauty, functionality, and elegance of landscape design in Atlanta, USA. We aim to showcase our work as well as educate our readers on how to create stunning gardens into an urban environment […]